Remote control your business communications with VEYO LIVE

VEYO LIVE comes with a dedicated mobile app. Intuitive and very easy to use; it revolutionises the way people handle communications while in the office or on the go.

End-users benefit from innovative and compelling cloud-based business communications on their smartphone (Android & iOS).

Features at a glance:

  • One Touch access to main services
  • Push notifications avoiding battery drain and security leak
  • Integrated VoiP soft-phone with end-to-end encryption and switch to GSM when IP network connectivity is poor (WiFi or mobile data)
  • Instant messaging & notifications
  • Unified communications history (chat, voicemails, calls)
  • Unified contacts (personal & corporate)
  • Real time user and telephony status (presence)
  • Team collaboration (video conferencing, group chat, screen and file sharing)

Platform features in detail:

Softphone: SIP TLS, SRTP encryption, choice of automatic network (4G / WIFI / GSM), call recording, call redirection, group call

Number presentation: Choose the number you want to present during an outgoing call & option to hide number

Video Conference: Create / join a conference, write on the shared screen

Presence management: Manage status (presence) from several predefined profiles, show contacts a personalised presence message

Redirects: Enable / disable your predefined rules from the management platform, live filtering service (screen ‘live’ forwarded calls to voicemail and option to take the call)

Away services: Redirect calls to a replacement or to voicemail when away or on leave

Calls: Unified chat, calls, contacts and voicemail.  View / send instant messages, call history.  Play and download voice messages.  Access to business and personal contacts from the app

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